profilepicLourry Legarde is an Auto-didactic Artist. She creates great images that are products of her imagination on how she opts to present her conceptions and emotions. Her style varies greatly in her mood. She loves creating moody and dramatic scenes because she believes that they evoke emotional replications from us and there is a subliminal and magical quality about them. She also likes creating various abstract images consisting of Interior Color Schemes for home and office decor. 

Her creations consists of various collections such as Interior Color Schemes Artwork Collections; For The Love Of Coffee; Landscapes And Seascapes; Floral Art; Memento Mori; Ocean Mementos; sacred Bird Of Athena Series; Distressed Art Collection;Abstract Art; Four Seasons; Sports Series; Fall Of Eve Series; Lighthouses Collection; Tropical Dreams; Kitchen And Wine Gallery; Dark And Eerie; Wildlife; Greek Gods And Goddesses; Adoramus; Rhode Island Parks And Sceneries; Days Of Creation Series; Lady In Red; Spellbinding Beauty Of Fractals and much more, all are artistically and creatively presented in a range of colors and styles. 

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